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Twin Flames

“Twin Flames mixed harmonies, flute, hand drum, and vocals to craft a sound bigger than the two people in front of the crowd.”
- Nick Spacek, The Pitch Kansas City


Twin Flames has garnered immense recognition and acclaim throughout Canada and abroad. Their exceptional talent and artistry have earned them 44 awards and nominations including being four-time Canadian Folk Music Award winners.

Offering modern indigenous music in both English and their ancestral languages, Twin Flames seamlessly blends various genres including contemplative Folk and unapologetic Rock 'n' Roll. The result?  A harmonious blend that resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of their audience. In just eight years, Twin Flames has solidified its place among contemporary music-makers and songwriters.  

Jaaji, hailing from Nunavik and Kahnawake (Inuk, Mohawk) and Chelsey June Settler, with (Algonquin, Métis, and Cree heritage), deliver their songs in a blend of English, French, and Inuttitut. Together, they craft captivating sonic soundscapes by incorporating Indigenous spirit flutes, traditional drums, and Western instruments. Their genuine passion for songwriting shines through their lyrics and melodies, fascinating audiences worldwide. 

Chelsey and Jaaji were selected to be featured in a television program for APTN back in 2014, which ultimately united them as Twin Flames as well as husband and wife; it was their enchanting harmonies that captivated each other's hearts.

“This band did not disappoint, offering modern Indigenous music in both English and their ancestral languages. Blending their voices to create beautiful harmonies Jaaji and Chelsey June proved to be a fantastic addition to the festival.”
- Martin Noakes, Great Dark Wonder


Jaaji is the lead male voice and songwriter for the multi-award-winning, chart-topping Indigenous folk duo Twin Flames. Jaaji is also a public figure, published author, model, and actor. He has contributed to many community wellness campaigns and continues to dedicate his time to raising awareness about Canada’s past from an Indigenous perspective. Jaaji is a proud father and mentor. He Hosted the Capital Music Awards in 2023 with Chelsey June. “Jaaji” is an Inuit name derived from the English “George.” Jaaji grew up in a humble fly-in community called Quaqtaq in Northern Nunavik, QC. His grandparents raised him in the traditional ways of the Inuit. Much of his songwriting reflects this upbringing by depicting life on the land. Jaaji spent his childhood summers with his biological father in Kahnawake, a reserve of the traditionally Iroquoian-speaking Mohawk nation on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. He was raised in two different worlds and cultures. He advocates for language revitalization and preservation, passionate about including the Inuttitut language in his songs. In 2014, Jaaji decided to commit to music full-time. With his first album Nunaga, he won Indigenous Language Album of the Year at the 2015 Indigenous Music Awards. Before his music career, Jaaji served as a police officer for 12 years in Quaqtaq, QC and Kuujjuaq in the Nunavik region of Quebec. After he retired from policing, he served as a behavioural tech at the local high school in Quaqtaq. He also took on the role of a cultural teacher, implementing projects that offered Inuit youth opportunities for land-based learning. He further worked for Makivik as the head of the Inuit Dog Slaughter compensation files. Jaaji lives a life of sobriety and shares his recovery story openly.


Chelsey June is the lead female voice and songwriter for multi-award-winning, chart-topping Indigenous folk duo Twin Flames. Chelsey is a public figure, published author, poet, model, MC and actress. She co-hosted the Canadian Folk Music Award alongside Benoit Bourque in 2022 and 2023. She also hosted the Capital Music Awards with Jaaji in 2023. She is involved in many community outreach programs and charitable organizations. She is fluent in both English and French. Chelsey is a proud mother. Chelsey June was raised in Ottawa and Gatineau by her mother. Chelsey’s mother originates from the small town of Maniwaki, QC. The history of Maniwaki is closely linked to that of the adjacent Kitigan Zibi Reserve, because the Town of Maniwaki was developed on land that was originally part of this reserve.  Chelsey visited Maniwaki often while growing up and loved listening to her great aunts and grandmother share stories about the good old days. From a young age, Chelsey discovered her true passion for music, and it became a pillar of comfort and a sense of belonging in her life. Joining the New Star Child Theatre company proved to be a significant chapter for her, as it helped her start facing her stage fright, particularly when performing in popular productions such as Annie and The Secret Garden. Chelsey's dedication and her love for singing continued to grow as she underwent professional training with Sylvia Larrass and pursued her studies at the renowned Witham School for the Performing Arts. This initial exposure to a diverse range of musical genres greatly shaped her distinct sound and personal style. During her teenage years, Chelsey went through many challenging experiences. At a vulnerable time, she tried out for a prestigious music school but unfortunately faced rejection. The weight of this rejection and the social anxiety and depression she faced was overwhelming for someone so young, leading her to abandon her passion for music for over 15 years. However, as time passed, she discovered that music was an integral part of her being. Songwriting became her voice, allowing her to convey emotions she couldn't articulate. Music became her lifeline, pulling her out of the darkness of depression and guiding her toward a path filled with passion and meaning. Her soul-stirring vocals and songwriting prowess unveil a tapestry of emotions that captivates all who listen. In 2013, she unveiled her debut album, "Seize the Day," followed by her first EP, "Finding Me," in 2014. Prior to joining forces as Twin Flames, Chelsey June and Jaaji had already established successful individual music careers. Their paths serendipitously crossed on the set of APTN's Talent Autochtones Musical, setting the stage for their remarkable musical journey together.  A Settler with Indigenous heritage, specifically Anishinaabe (Algonquin), Métis, and Cree, Chelsey is passionate about promoting mental well-being, fostering healthy relationships, and embracing a sober lifestyle.

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