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Media & Operations Manager
Aaron Jordan Liebowitz

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I'm Aaron Liebowitz, Media & Operations Manager for MLAM. I am here to provide marketing and operational support for all our bookings. I design the one-click EPKs on the MLAM website so that our marketing materials are current and readily accessible to those who present our artists. My work also fuels user interaction across social media through email marketing and by means of the MLAM website, building multiple digital marketing initiatives. I also develop and produce all company marketing materials- from videos to booklets, flyers, and more- allowing me to constantly promote the business and our roster driving up ticket revenue and attendance for presenters. Along with media and marketing operations, I also maintain and update day to day operations of MLAM, making sure the agency is constantly serving the venues where our artists perform to the best of its ability. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Production, a Bachelor of Arts in Classics with a Concentration in Classical Civilizations, and a minor in World Literature from Hofstra University.

More about Aaron:

Aaron is an experienced and enthusiastic creative with an ever-increasing history of working in the media and entertainment industry. From getting the idea off the ground all the way through to perfecting the final product, he continually assures a successful and spectacular production. Aaron is currently working as Media & Operations Manager for Marian Liebowitz Artist Management, and as a Freelance Production Manager for Viola Media. Aaron also recently completed a B.F.A. in Filmmaking along with a B.A. in Classics with a concentration in Classical Civilizations from Hofstra University.

Aaron has also valued the importance of properly communicating an idea and seeing it through. His history in acting and the service industry has granted him skills in collaboration, resilience, and problem-solving that always help him achieve his goals.

He enjoys constantly learning, if that be through cultures different from his own to new tools and technology that help the media and entertainment industry move forward, and always finds opportunities to grow through any challenge he faces.

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