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"The expressiveness and technical mastery in Caro Pierotto’s voice underscores Brazil’s tradition of great female singers - from Sylvia Telles to Gal Costa. The fact that she can also write songs of breathtaking beauty is nothing short of remarkable."                
-Ernesto Lechner
Latin Alternative for NPR

"Caro Pierotto is the kind of performer that will get you off your seat and onto the dance floor with her enthusiasm, charisma and vocal abilities."

 -Grecco Buratto

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Caro’s presence is felt as soon as she strikes her first note, and her music has found audiences all over the globe. She sings originals and covers in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Her most recent album, ‘Em Portugues’, was just released back in May 2020 and made it to the ballot for this year's Grammy Awards for Best Global Music Album. Her latest music video for the single ‘Alem do Mar’ has been shortlisted for the prestigious Music Professionals Awards in Brazil in the Best Music Video category.

She has toured in Indonesia, France, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Ecuador and Colombia, worked with world renowned producer Pharrell Williams for the movie ‘Trash’ by acclaimed director Stephen Daldry and was featured on Tom Schnabel’s renowned playlist ‘Rhythm Planet’.  

With a captivating vintage voice and a repertoire that includes samba, forró, reggae, soul and pop, Caro Pierotto defies labels and expresses her art without musical borders in genres, always focusing on spreading love, hope and healing through her music.

Her show, Brazil Beyond Samba, had performances last season that included five shows in Vancouver, BC, a concert for Latino Arts, Milwaukee and a standing room only presentation at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music! 

"Refreshing music with a Brazilian flare, in combination with a unique vintagey voice.

Caro is the whole deal, you can feel that music is her thing as soon as you hear her first note."

 -Aaron Byrd


Available Shows:

- “Brazil Beyond Samba” (main show)

Whether in Portuguese, English or Spanish, this show will get you off your feet onto the dance floor with Caro’s enthusiasm, charisma and vocal abilities. Accompanied by her all-star Brazilian band, Caro will give the lovers of smooth, upbeat South American grooves an authentic Brazilian Music experience.


- “Bossa Christmas” (holiday show, popular in December)

Caro Pierotto is expressing her love for her Brazilian heritage by adding the Bossa Nova magic to classic Christmas songs in her new show, Bossa Christmas.

With her captivating vintage voice and the beautiful musical chemistry she shares with her hand picked Brazilian musicians, the show brings the warmth that the holiday season deserves.