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Lectures and Workshops

Listen to Marian's latest podcast appearance!
There's No Business Like... Episode 17: What Puts Fire in Your Belly?


Marian Liebowitz, DMA, builds bridges between artists, venues, and resources for maximum community impact. A seasoned speaker, she has presented lectures, workshops, and entire courses for Arts Conferences, Universities, Conservatories, and Non-Profit Organizations throughout the U.S., Latin America, and Asia.

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Attracting Latinx, Hispanic, and Spanish Origin Audiences to Concerts: Engagement Strategies

Presenting organizations, artists, and agents can benefit from information regarding the successful artistic, financial, marketing, and outreach practices we are using to attract Latinx audience members to the concert hall, much of which is transferable to other BIPOC audience initiatives.

Feedback from Arts Northwest 2022 presentation:

“Great examples on how to expand engagement.”

“So helpful - great interaction and enjoyed the mix of speakers & musicians.”

“As a Filipino-Hispanic, my goal in this position is to continually bring culture & diversity to the
community and open it up to new fresh ideas. Thank you so much for this workshop.”

Recharging Your Future: Empowering success through strategic

and creative growth choices


Marian Liebowitz has worked with hundreds of people over the years to plan their best career moves and reinvigorate their resumes. Come learn how you can maximize the opportunities in your current position while expanding your skill sets for the future!


Feedback from San Diego State University Staff Development Keynote Address:

“I thought the choice of Dr. Liebowitz was inspired, and inspirational. She deserved the standing ovations she received. She was funny, serious, empowering, thought-provoking, empathetic, and genuine. A real pleasure to listen to, and she was able to bring several threads together to create a realistic resource for University staff.”


“Thank you for such an inspiring, motivating and encouraging speech this morning!  I was so moved and
inspired to do better and accomplish are truly an inspiration!!! Thank you, thank you, thank

Marian Keynote 5.jpg

“Thank you for being such an amazing keynote speaker at the staff professional development conference.Your speech/presentation was very engaging, insightful, and inspiring.”

The Hunt for Buried Treasure:
Let's maximize our impact!

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“This presenter is always entertaining, engaging, and has great information to share. The kind of person you actually want to sit down with and really pick her brain.”

Many of us are accomplishing more than we realize. We have literally hundreds of skill sets we use in all aspects of our lives. How do you properly take stock of your value and find your personal “buried treasure?”

Feedback from San Diego State University Staff Development Workshop:

“It was an eye opener as to what you do in your job that can be transferred to other
areas or line of work.”

“She was an excellent speaker. Made us laugh and gave good info. Marian Liebowitz
should give workshops through Career Services for STAFF to beef up their resumes. It
would be awesome if HR brought her in for small group workshops to do that.”

“Such a great presenter. She is so energetic and honest. She had such great insight
and advice. I could have listened to her all day!”

The Art of the Positive Pivot
Given at Arts Northwest Conference 2021:

The pandemic tested us in ways we couldn’t have imagined. This session will focus on the application of positivity, ingenuity, and resilience- all while improving artistic and business practices each day, NO MATTER WHAT.

Learn how to grow from seeming adversity.

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