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"Before entrepreneurial chamber music presentations became viable, even cool – there was Camarada."        

                                                                   James Chute, San Diego Union Tribune                               

Referred to as ‘dazzling and magnetic', Camarada has been performing international repertoire for more than 25 years. Its concerts share the joy of chamber music by pairing performers of the highest caliber with masterfully inspired programming. Camarada’s touring season features music at the heart of Argentinian tango, a tribute to the great American composers, Bohemia and its composers, the roots of Flamenco music and dance, and a newly commissioned work, Sanctuary Suite, composed by and performed with jazz legend Peter Sprague. 


By curating events that are fused with art, dance, narration and of course music from all genres, Camarada's variable instrumentation presentations are outside the chamber music box and always refreshing to the audience. Now offering elegant, innovative programs for touring engagements.


Available Programs:

Tango Obsession: flute, violin, piano, bass, dance

*This program is available as a trio, or a trio with dance, or a quintet, or a quintet with dance


Primal and powerful, the tango is the ultimate pairing of music and dance. Tango Obsession features musical selections from the traditional tango of Toto Damario and Mariano Mores, to the seductive rhythms of Astor Piazzolla’s beloved masterworks.  Camarada has selected a delicious variety of tango styles for this program of Tango Obsession– dark and sultry with driving tempos to sunny and syncopated.  ​​

"…Camarada captured the passion and sizzle of South America’s most celebrated musical export."

                                                              Ken Herman, San Diego Story

Cantos de Amor: voice, flute, guitar, piano 

 “Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.” ― Zelda Fitzgerald.

Camarada’s selection of enduring love songs — Cantos de Amor — offers an overwhelmingly potent blend of rapture, hopeless suffering, tenderness, and unfulfilled passion, all in the name of love. Cantos de Amor features the romantic music of Manuel Ponce, Enrique Granados, Johannes Brahms, Richard Strauss, Juan Serrano, Reveriano Soutullo & Juan Vert, Isaac Albeniz, Fernando Obradors, Manuel de Falla, Carlos Almarán, and Joseph Lacalle, and the much-loved Amapola.​​​

Flamenco Journey: flute, guitar, and flamenco dancer

With roots in Indian, Sephardic, Macedonian and Andalusian music, we feature music by Ravi Shankar, Paco Peña, Sabicas, Juan Serrano, De Falla and Granados- complimented with Flamenco dance by Gloria Lanuza.

Celtic Groove: flute, fiddle, guitar, bass, drums


Join us for a taste of Ireland and much merriment while we perform our favorite Celtic tunes such as "The Gael" and "Banish Misfortune" to rock-like arrangements with traditional elements of composition and instrumentation set to a fluid rhythmic undercurrent.

Fairy Tales: flute, viola, piano

Music of the imagination!  Experience the soulful sounds of Pierre Sancan’s Sonatine, enjoy the sublime melodies of the viola in Schumann’s Fairy Tales and savor Bohuslav Martinu’s elegant Trio. Let Debussy’s magical Clair de Lune carry you away!

       "Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life." –Plato

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