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Camarada's Tango Obsession


Tango Obsession

The Camarada Tango Quartet

and Tango Dancers

flute, violin, piano, double bass, tango dance

Featuring tango music by Astor Piazzolla, Andrés Martín and more!


A powerful evening of tango through time

At its roots, tango is sensuous, rhythmic and passionate - a rich mix of urban culture forged together with the influence of immigrant history. Over time, this music made its way from the streets of Buenos Aires to the greatest concert halls around the world. Tango Obsession explores a wide range of tango music through a curated time-travel experience, bringing the audience on a journey from the 1900’s all the way to Camarada’s new 2022 and 2023 commissions by Andrés Martín. Join the Camarada Tango Quartet and tango dancers Carolina Jaurena and Andrés Bravo for an unforgettable evening of passionate music, dance, and culture.

*this program is available with or without dance

Founded in 2020, the Camarada Tango Quartet showcases the scintillating rhythms and seductive melodies of the tango through inventive and energizing concerts. The quartet, consisting of Argentinian composer and international bass player Andrés Martín, flutist Beth Ross Buckley, violinist David Buckley, and pianist Dana Burnett, brings a deep passion for tango and many years of performing experience to the stage. The ensemble is committed to furthering the evolution of tango, performing an extensive repertoire list that spans all eras of tango history through the present day and features original compositions by resident composer Martín. The Camarada Tango Quartet was mentored by legendary bandoneonist Raul Jaurena.

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