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Fiestas de Mexico: A Cultural Celebration

"We had one of our best attendance numbers. The Hispanic community came out in droves.

The performance itself was incredible."

-  Tom Green, President Gila Valley Arts Council

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Step into the enchanting world of  "Fiestas de Mexico: A Cultural Celebration" where lively traditions come to life with each spirited performance. Witness the intricate choreography that beautifully captures the essence of Mexican celebrations, from the exuberant footwork of wedding dances to the graceful movements symbolizing quinceañeras. Mariachi Garibaldi de Jaime Cuéllar and Ballet Folklorico del Rio Grande bring you energetic portrayals of birthdays, rodeos, and other festive occasions that will immerse you in the joyous spirit of Mexican culture. The dancers, adorned in elaborate and colorful costumes, skillfully bring these traditions to the stage, creating a visual feast that mirrors the vibrancy of the celebrations themselves. It's a mesmerizing journey through time-honored customs and the heartwarming connections forged during these cherished moments.

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