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"Guaranteed to put a smile in your ears."

 -Dave Good

The San Diego Reader

Call them a family band: sibling duo Anna Lee and Willie Fleming, joined by their dad Bill, take Americana clear off the rails!  The band (with Malcolm Jones on sax, Kevin Higuchi on percussion, and bassist Oskar Beckmann) leapfrogs through a mix of their own toe-tapping originals and traditional Irish and Bluegrass covers- all hot-wired by Finnegan Blue’s high-energy.


But there’s more. Right about the place when most bands would stop, that’s when the trombones come out and Finnegan Blue introduces New Orleans style Second Line.  This is what makes them favorites throughout southwestern festivals including the Strings Festival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the North Park Festival of the Arts, the Adams Avenue Street Fair, and the Mammoth Lakes 53 Kitchen Run. Finnegan Blue played Arizona’s Chandler Center of the Performing Arts and Green Valley Recreation and two residencies with the Las Vegas Libraries this past season. Next season includes their annual Luck of the Irish tour throughout the Western States, stops throughout Colorado, and a double educational residency in Steamboat Springs!

Finnegan blue 2018.JPG

"What an excellent two concerts we had last week with Finnegan Blue! Anna Lee and Willie performed and engaged with our sensory friendly audience in such a genuine and lovely way, and the evening concert was a ton of fun. A really sensational group! "

 -Katie Carroll

Director of Artistic Administration & Education

Strings Festival, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Available Programs:

Luck of the Irish

Sibling duo Anna Lee and Willie Fleming pay homage to Irish music by adding their own modern twist for some good craic! Finnegan Blue leapfrogs through a mix of their own hard-driving original music intertwined with traditional folk ballads, jigs and reels. In a show that celebrates Irish culture, you can expect to hear your favorite covers from the Pogues and the Dubliners, as well as melodic celtic instrumentals in a special evening with Finnegan Blue. Got a little luck of the Irish? Sláinte, Cheers, you found the right St. Patrick's style celebration!

“Finnegan Blue was a fine addition to our St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Irish Festival. Musicianship, entertainment value, song selection; they had it all."

​                                                                                                                           -Michael Head, Talent Buyer

All Aboard Americana!

“From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam,” there’s a song for everyone to enjoy in this show entirely dedicated to Americana Music! Finnegan Blue performs original songs off their full length album, intertwined with the folk and traditional tunes that inspired their sound! Finnegan Blue breathes new life and energy into each traditional piece to create a fun and unique spin on the songs we know and love. Americana genres you can expect to hear are Bluegrass, Irish, and New Orleans Second Line! With familiar songs like, “You are my Sunshine,” both adults and kids will love this lively show that often has audience members up and dancing on their feet! Prepare to embark on a musical journey that travels back in time and transports you to different places throughout the country and around the world. Finnegan Blue is keeping American folk music alive! ​​​

The Duo Sessions

Anna Lee and Willie Fleming grew up playing music together in their living room. In the duo sessions, the hard driving energy of electric instruments and drums are stripped down to vocals and strings. In a way, this sibling duo brings you back to their living room to enjoy their music in a story-telling setting. ​​​

Did you know that each member of Finnegan Blue is also a Teacher? 

When people were first coming to America in the 1600’s, so were their instruments! That is how Folk music was born. In our outreach program for schools, Finnegan Blue members discuss their different instruments, the genres of music they perform, and play a short set for students to enjoy. Outreach programs are interactive and students are encouraged to ask questions. Some have even performed with Finnegan Blue as their final project! ​​​

" They were great! Had our crowd of mostly seniors up and dancing!"

 -TJ Hicks

Program Coordinator

Rancho Mirage Library and Observatory

Finnegan Duo 1.JPG
Run - Finnegan Blue
Rye Whiskey - Finnegan Blue
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