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Twin Flames



Written by Chelsey June and Jaaji of Twin Flames
Illustrated by Tamara Campeau

Maakusie loves music!

Join Twin Flames as they celebrate reading! They will read their book with your school in person. You will be treated to an in depth look of life in the Arctic and how music impacted Jaaji’s upbringing just like Maakusie. Students will be able to ask questions and hear some of Twin Flames Songs live and learn words in Inuttitut.

Suggested Age Groups: Kindergarten to Grade 4

Grade 4 – 6 may still find valuable lessons in the book.

Topics include Geography, Inuit Culture, and the evolution of music. 

Suggested setting: Library, Gym, Classroom or auditorium.

What makes music in the Arctic so special?

Join Maakusie as he practises katajjaniq (throat singing) and learns ajaja songs, drumming, and more! Explore everything from traditional instruments to dances to the origin of the brass bands in the Arctic today. Grab your instruments or sing along. This journey through the history of music in the Arctic is sure to get your toes tapping!

Written by renowned Canadian indie rock duo Chelsey June and Jaaji of Twin Flames, this vibrant and engaging book introduces young readers to the exciting world of traditional and modern Inuit music.

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