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Marian Liebowitz brings optimism, confidence, and most of all SOLUTIONS to arts organizations so that they can fulfill AND expand their missions to serve their communities.  Marian has worked with NPOs/NGOs, Municipalities, Educational Institutions, and Presenting Venues:


Below is a partial list of Marian's clients:

International Organizations:

U.S. Embassy Philippines

The Arts Council of Cebu (Philippines)

U.S. Embassy Argentina

U.S. Embassy Costa Rica

Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano

Cuarteto Trombones de Costa Rica

U.S. Embassy Nicaragua

Camerata Bach

U.S. Embassy El Salvador

U.S. Embassy Honduras

U.S. Embassy Guatemala

U.S. Embassy Panama

U.S. Embassy Venezuela

U.S. Embassy Chile

Chilean Society of Author's Rights

Escuela Moderna de Musica (Santiago, Chile)

Institute of Music of the Catholic University (Santiago, Chile)

Institute of Music of the Playa Ancha University (Valparaiso, Chile)

U.S. Organizations:

The City of Imperial Beach, California

The San Diego Guitar Festival


Lynn Conservatory, Boca Raton, Florida

Drawing on her extensive background as a Professor of Music Entrepreneurship and CEO of her own booking agency, Marian also offers support to ensembles and individuals:


Branding, marketing, touring, and development strategy.


Marian guides artists through career revitalization or complete re-direction.

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