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“Their energy is contagious, the passion unmistakable, and their precision flawless. The interplay of each and every one of the artists is intriguing and together they create music that can only be described as rapturous.”- Travis Rogers, Jr. ~The Jazz Owl


Engaging, dynamic, and captivating: that’s what people worldwide say about this smokin’ hot Brazilian quartet. San Diego Story raves, “Farofa is bringing a much-needed fresh flavor to the contemporary jazz scene.” But, it’s not all jazz- this world music band cooks up a brew of pop, contemporary classical, jazz, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, and US rock ‘n roll-an entire musical universe! Cal Presenters Spotlight Award winner, Farofa is propelled by the stunning virtuosity of percussionist Felipe Fraga, bassist Nando Raio, JP Mourão on  guitar, and violinist Ted Falcon.

Farofa Videos

Farofa Videos

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 "...they are bringing a much needed fresh breeze to the contemporary jazz scene..."


-San Diego Story


"Farofa was absolutely wonderful and I've heard nothing but excellent feedback from our patrons!"

-Kristen Kennedy-Larsen

Programming Specialist, Las Vegas Libraries

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