“Their energy is contagious, the passion unmistakable, and their precision flawless. The interplay of each and every one of the artists is intriguing and together they create music that can only be described as rapturous.”- Travis Rogers, Jr. ~The Jazz Owl

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Engaging, dynamic, and captivating: that’s what people worldwide say about this smokin’ hot Brazilian quartet. San Diego Story raves, “Farofa is bringing a much-needed fresh flavor to the contemporary jazz scene.” But, it’s not all jazz- this world music band cooks up a brew of pop, contemporary classical, jazz, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, and US rock ‘n roll-an entire musical universe! Cal Presenters Spotlight Award winner, Farofa is propelled by the stunning virtuosity of percussionist Felipe Fraga, bassist Isaias Elpes, JP Mourão on guitar, and violinist Luis Mascaro. Bookings this season include the Tijuana Jazz Festival, two venues in Vancouver, BC (Kay Meek Theatre and the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts), Latino Arts Milwaukee, and the Las Vegas Libraries.

Their latest program, entitled "Brazil Beyond Samba: From Choro to Funk and Back," includes a variety of Brazilian jazz compositions as well as some Farofa originals! Each of Farofa's four musicians hail from different cities and towns in Brazil, bringing with them multiple influences indigenous to these regions. Violinist Luis Mascaro brings the classical and Música Sertaneja (Brazilian country music) traditions of his native Campinas. Combined with his intensive studies of pick-ups, electric violins, amplification and the use of effects for string instruments featured in “Forró da Penha,” Luis proves why he is one of the foremost mixed-style violinists of his generation. Meanwhile, guitarist JP Mourão also pulls out the viola caipira in “Lamento Sertanejo," (Lament of the Country Man) allowing him to demonstrate the melting pot of musical influences from his native São Paulo. Bassist Isaias Elpes was born in the state of Minas Gerais, where the music is distinguished from much of Brazilian music by almost always featuring sophisticated harmonies.  You can hear this in Isaias' originals “Minas”, “Pacific Wind” and "Ijexa." Percussionist and hybrid drum-set expert Felipe Fraga is from Curitiba, where he was heavily influenced by Brazilian popular music (MPB) as heard in “Assanhado/Linha De Passe.”

 ...they are bringing a much needed fresh breeze to the contemporary jazz scene...


-San Diego Story


Farofa was absolutely wonderful and I've heard nothing but excellent feedback from our patrons!

-Kristen Kennedy-Larsen

Programming Specialist, Las Vegas Libraries