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What people are saying...

"Working with Marian Liebowitz Artist Management is such a pleasure. Her roster includes top-notch performers who are extremely talented, easy to work with, and have the ability to connect with diverse audiences. They find a way to make each audience feel special. These artists advance audience knowledge, engagement, and their craft by genuinely connecting with theatergoers during performances and outreach events alike. The ease of the negotiation and contractual processes are what every presenter hopes to discover with any agency."

 -Matt McNally, Community Engagement Director

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

"Marian is one of the best artist managers I have ever met - a true pro and a joy to work with!"

 -Rob Gloor, Executive Director
Kay Meek Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC

"Marian is one of the top agents I’ve worked with!"

 -Kim Krueger, Artistic Director
Whitefish Theater Company, Montana

"The City of Imperial Beach engaged Marian Liebowitz to provide support for Fiesta del Mar, a cross-border festival of music, art and culinary offerings.  Initially we just hoped for assistance in booking and management of the main-stage line-up representing Latino artists from both sides of the border.  What we got was much more!  Marian’s knowledge of budgets helped us save thousands of dollars and her skills in procurement and utilization of skilled volunteers ultimately provided our city with valuable data on the demographics of our event, informing decisions about future projects.  Perhaps most impressive was Marian’s ability to manage relationships with stakeholders from both Mexico and the U.S., providing more practical approaches for larger event management."

 -Serge Dedina, Mayor
City of Imperial Beach

Marian provides organizational support...

"Marian Liebowitz is a business and music dynamo.  She has amazing energy, ideas and connections. Through Marian's consulting efforts, it is very exciting to take our 22-year old non-profit organization to new levels!"

 -Beth Ross Buckley, Executive Director


"I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all the time you took to meet with me and help me cultivate and hone my organizational management skills. I am now the Executive Director of Folklore Guild (currently applying for 501c3 status). I never would have felt so confident in managing a whole organization through the 501c3 process, had it not been for your guidance."

 -Kayla Gautereaux, Former Director of Development and Education
Bach Collegium San Diego

Marian provides small ensemble strategies...

"As a student of Dr. Liebowitz from 2007-09, I benefitted immensely from her expertise, and many of the professional skills she taught me are ones I still use today as a touring artist."

 -Sarah Nematallah
Violinist for the Cecilia String Quartet,
International Touring Ensemble 

Winners of the 2010 Banff International String Quartet Competition

"I need to tell you how much I appreciate your work ethic, diligence, and overall attitude, regarding the work you've done with me the past 4+ years.  Aside from my previous work with you and the band Todo Mundo, I've worked as a freelance musician for the past 6 years, playing with over 30 different bands, across many genres.  From working in so many different situations, I've realized that your worth ethic, drive, and communication and organizational skills are unparalleled. 


I've known this throughout our 4+ years working together, but it's become more apparent after having the opportunity to work with so many other people.  Thanks again for everything you do.  I greatly appreciate it!"

 -Matt Bozzone

Freelance Drummer

Marian provides career advice to individuals...

"Thank you for all the support and continued help in the transitioning phase from student to professional. I would probably be just another confused performance major with no idea what to do with my abilities if not for that.

 -Soran Dalawi, Classical Guitar Instructor

Villa  Musica 

"Meeting you and being your mentee has been one of the true acts of grace in my life, and I wanted to take the time to celebrate you today and acknowledge the amazing role model you’ve been to me and so many others and the impact you’ve had on creating a legacy of excellence for future generations."

                                                                                                                 -Quyen Nguyen, President-Elect 

                                                         California Chapter of the American String Teachers Association

"Dr. Marian Liebowitz is a wonderful career consultant! I had the pleasure of having her as my personal mentor and college professor. She is the reason why I got accepted into the El Sistema Fellows Program at New England Conservatory. I can’t thank her enough for her dedication and hard work. I recommend everyone who is going through a career change to seek Dr. Liebowitz for loads of helpful advice!"

 -Carlos Roldan

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