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After a 35-year tenure as professor of music entrepreneurship at San Diego State University (SDSU), Marian is a seasoned lecturer who has presented workshops for staff and students at conservatories, universities, and arts non-profit organizations throughout the U.S., Latin America, and Asia on topics drawn from her vast experience. Here is a list of lectures, workshops, & entrepreneurship courses she created over the years at SDSU:

  • 1994: MUSIC 515- Professional Orientation for Performers taught students to think entrepreneurially while preparing promotional tools tailored to their specific career goals. We studied business development, fund-raising, grant writing, concert booking, and career-building.

  • 2005: Heartpower Performances brought concerts and participatory music classes to at-risk populations such as disabled veterans, juvenile offenders, and hospitalized patients. Heartpower also served family audiences through San Diego County and City libraries.

  • 2008: MUSIC 518- Community Outreach Practicum was a service-learning course where performers, educators, administrators, researchers and clinicians learned to develop and implement arts outreach programs in the community. 

  • 2010: HONOR 313- The Vivace Club: Volunteerism in the Arts: This interdisciplinary course  prepared honors students to be future board members through the study of non-profit business structures, arts organizations throughout San Diego County, and several service projects in cooperation with those organizations.

  • 2012: Faculty Student Mentorship Program (F-SMP) in Arts Entrepreneurship- Jose Preciado from the Undergraduate Division invited Marian to become a music entrepreneurship mentor.  Marian worked with 8-12 students per year in specific entrepreneurial projects.

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