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Hear Marian discuss artists!

I’m Marian Liebowitz and I thank you for your interest in the MLAM roster of spectacular ensembles! The vision for my agency has been a long time coming. In truth, it started while I was still in my 35-year career as both an international clarinet soloist and a tenured professor at San Diego State University. That’s where the roots of my multi-cultural, multi-discipline tastes came together. From day one, it has been of key importance that my artists be able to perform before a wide variety of audiences in the broadest definition of situations.  All MLAM artists follow my professional standards. I hope you will enjoy this carefully curated roster of the best ensembles in world music, jazz, and classical. Music for all: MLAM is available to bring concerts to venues and events worldwide. 

Our promise to you:

·  We will respond to your requests within 24 hours.

·  We will manage every aspect of the engagement.

·  We will EXCEED your expectations!

Our Artist Sampler

We also offer interdisciplinary music and dance shows

for the larger stage.

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“Entrepreneurial mentorship helps foster successful professionals in the arts.”

This is the philosophy that guides Dr. Marian Liebowitz both as a Booking Agent and as a Professor Emeritus of Music at San Diego State University. Her clients and students alike have reaped the benefit of Marian’s dual career track, first as a globe-trotting classically trained concert clarinetist, then later as a college professor She has helped hundreds of students and professionals to strategize their best career moves. She is a valued organizational consultant with many accolades to her credit.

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