About Dr. Marian Liebowitz

I’m Marian Liebowitz and I thank you for your interest in the MLAM roster of spectacular ensembles! The vision for my agency has been a long time coming. In truth, it started while I was still in my 35-year career as both an international clarinet soloist and a tenured professor at San Diego State University. That’s where the roots of my multi-cultural, multi-discipline tastes came together. From day one, it has been of key importance that my artists be able to perform before a wide variety of audiences in the broadest definition of situations.  All MLAM artists follow my professional standards. I hope you will enjoy this carefully curated roster of the best ensembles in world music, jazz, and classical. Music for all: MLAM is available to bring concerts to venues and events worldwide. 

Our promise to you:

·  We will respond to your requests within 24 hours.

·  We will manage every aspect of the engagement.

·  We will EXCEED your expectations!

MLAM Artist Rosters and Large Shows


MLAM manages two different artists rosters: one that includes International Touring Ensembles based in the Southwest, and another, the SoCal Artist Roster, which offers musicians for regional bookings. We also offer interdisciplinary music and dance shows for the larger stage.

 Ask us about our "Safe Yet Together" Programs!

“Your quarantine must-watch of the day” -The Los Angeles Times

MLAM Outreach

Since 2005, Marian, a pioneer in the instruction of community outreach techniques for performers, has been booking musicians into venues with at-risk audiences including juvenile offenders, disabled veterans, hospitalized patients, and any population that can’t normally attend public concerts. When considering new groups for the MLAM roster, Marian looks for this value system. All MLAM groups offer engaging outreach shows for all populations.

“Entrepreneurial mentorship helps foster successful professionals in the arts.”

This is the philosophy that guides Dr. Marian Liebowitz both as a Booking Agent and as a Professor Emeritus of Music at San Diego State University. Her clients and students alike have reaped the benefit of Marian’s dual career track, first as a globe-trotting classically trained concert clarinetist, then later as a college professor She has helped hundreds of students and professionals to strategize their best career moves. She is a valued organizational consultant with many accolades to her credit.


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