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Mariachi Garibaldi de Jaime Cuéllar has truly become America's Mariachi! First: multi-styling videos with pop sensation Camila Cabello! Second, a viral "Jacket Exchange" with Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher Joe Kelly, who proudly wore it to the White House to meet Joe Biden! With a 30-year history of shows that delight audiences at both intimate venues and major theaters throughout the U.S. and Mexico

LP And The Vinyl's plays jazz-infused renditions of well-known hits! Renowned singer Leonard Patton teams up with the acclaimed Danny Green Trio to form this band. Through Patton’s infectious charisma and the virtuosic interplay of pianist Danny Green, bassist Justin Grinnell, and drummer Julien Cantelm, the audience is transported throughout!

Engaging, dynamic, and captivating: that’s what people worldwide say about this smokin’ hot Brazilian quartet. San Diego Story raves, “Farofa is bringing a much-needed fresh flavor to the contemporary jazz scene.”

Caro Pierotto and Farofa's "Brazil Beyond Samba": Fasten your seatbelts, you are about to take a ride on BR-101, the major highway connecting Brazil from North to South! Brazilian exports, Caro Pierotto and Farofa will be your guides on this musical tour featuring the smokin' hot rhythms and sensuous melodies of their birthplace.

Accompanied by her accordion, toy piano, and fiery band, singer/songwriter Jessica Fichot draws from her French/Chinese/American heritage to create an intoxicating program of French chanson, 1940s Shanghai jazz, gypsy swing and international folk. With 3 acclaimed albums under her belt, Jessica has charmed audiences around the world!

Jarabe Mexicano's family fiesta includes music and personal stories that highlight what it's like to grow up on the US-Mexico border. From romantic ballads fit for a serenade to exuberant dance songs that run the gamut between folk and contemporary, this party is worth celebrating year-round! 

From the moment she strikes her first note, singer Caro Pierotto captures the audience with her presence and vintage voice. Accompanied by her all-star Brazilian band, she sings originals and covers in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Her music has found audiences all over the globe! Her most recent album, 'Sambalismo', released in May 2023, has been cited as one of the Brazilian Music Album of the year.

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