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~Soul Beat~

Sol e Mar’s Soul Beat show is a unique adventure that excites the mind-body and stirs the senses transporting you to the distant lands of the African Diaspora through rhythm and a world of sonic flavors. Travel with us from Brazil to Cuba and take a detour to New Orleans and West Africa.

The Drum is given center stage holding your attention with instruments like Pandeiro, Tan Tan, Bata, Berimbau, Cuica, Conga, Surdo, Caixa, Shekere, Maracas and Claves. Drummers play a crafted collage of rhythms like Mozambique, Pagode, Mambo Samba Reggae, Batucada, Maracatu, Cha cha lekefun,Yesa, Second line, Gogo, Capoeira, Timbalada and many more.

"Thank so much for arranging the performance of Sol e Mar last night. What a wonderful evening. We had a full house at our library to enjoy and learn more about percussion music. These talented men are so easy to work with and seem to adjust on the spot to the interest of the audience. It was wonderful listening to artists who really connect to each other. Their rhythms flow like water between them.  The audience really enjoy being there and getting little vacations to the sounds of other countries."

 -Martha White

Programs Director

Point Loma Library


Sol e Mar is led by Mark Lamson who has expertise in a broad range of musical styles, and his mastery and passion lie in the fusion of popular and traditional music of Brazil and Cuba with modern American & Latin American styles. He has performed with Sergio Mendes, Harry Belafonte, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and opened for the Neville Brothers. He is on the faculty and conducts clinics at several college campuses. Sol e Mar is on the Young Audiences of San Diego roster and has engaged thousands of school children over the years in addition to their loyal following of adult audiences.

Demo - Sol e Mar
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