“Bursting with intellect, passion, and virtuosity, but sounding like nothing you’ve heard before”

                                                     Nick DeRiso , somethingelsereview.com

Nominated for a Latin Grammy under the category of Best New Artist, Quattrosound breaks the mold of traditional ensembles blending genres, cultures and sounds. Quattrosound combines instruments and vocals that skillfully blend their classical and jazz training with a wide-range of personal music influences, creating a uniquely engaging sound. The four musicians are equally astute at playing a Bach Suite, rocking out to Led Zeppelin or interpreting a piece by Chick Corea.  With violin, cello, guitar, an eclectic selection of percussion instruments, and creative vocal arrangements, Quattrosound produces a vibrant live show. Their playful passion captures enthusiasm from audiences of all ages! Hailing from Japan, Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States, their music selections are as diverse as their nationalities.  In an effort to inspire a broad range of listeners, Quattrosound, is focused on creating engaging programming for the classroom, stage and media.

Individually these four accomplished musicians based in Los Angeles have played with the likes of Bocelli, Barbara Streisand, Yo-Yo Ma, Annie Lennox, Michael Jackson, Layla Hathaway, Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan.


Together, Quattrosound raises the bar of originality with clever compositions and arrangements that "pay homage to the classics" while forging a new contemporary sound.



Group members:

Leah Zeger (violin and vocals)

Giovanna Moraga Clayton (cello and vocals)

Kay-Ta Matsuno (guitar and vocals)

Jorge Villanueva (percussion and vocals)