Nakul Tiruviluamala was born in New York City and began piano lessons when he was 4 years old.  At 7, he began learning music composition under the supervision of his piano teacher, Ms. Felicia Balt.  By age 11, he was twice selected to perform one of his own compositions at a greater tri-state area Yamaha JOC (Junior Original Concert) event.  At age 12 he moved to California, beginning piano, composition, and music theory lessons with Mr. Arkady Luxemburg.

After graduating high school, he earned his Bachelor’s of Music degree in Classical Piano Performance from UC Irvine under the guidance of Professor Nina Scolnik.  Nakul received his Masters in Music Composition at San Diego State University, studying composition under the supervision of Dr. Joseph WatersProfessor Brent Dutton, and Dr. Chris Warren.  While at SDSU, he received regular piano instruction from Professor Richard Thompson (jazz and classical) and Dr. Karen Follingstad (classical chamber music).   Nakul is currently a PhD student in computer music at UCSD . He is also simultaneously pursuing an artist diploma in jazz piano performance at SDSU.

His taste in music is eclectic.  As a pianist and singer, he has professional performance experience with pop/rock bands, choruses/a cappella groups, jazz combos, Indian/Carnatic ensembles, and in western classical chamber music.  Performance situations range from the completely casual to the professional and academic.   

Nakul won the 2015 SDSU Arts Alive interdisciplinary  art-installation competition, where he and two other colleagues created an interactive art exhibit which combined music, visual projections, and virology.  Nakul is also the recipient of the 2015 SDSU Graduate Equity Fellowship, awarded to graduate students who demonstrate academic excellence. A passionate educator, he maintains a private piano studio with more than 25 pupils.