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"It was just the right balance of music and dance. The audience “loved” the entire show. I loved the integration of the border story and the title, “Cruzando Fronteras” was illustrated and talked about throughout the evening."

-Charles Leslie, Director

Community Concert Hall

Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO

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Cruzando Fronteras (Border Crossings) treats audiences to the liveliest music and dance from both sides of the border featuring Southern California’s two break-out ensembles, Ballet Folklórico de Los Ángeles and Jarabe Mexicano!

The audience will be treated to selections from the traditional Mexican songbook, such as Tilingo Lingo and La Bamba, then crossing the border for the iconic songs of Ritchie Valens, the Texas Tornados, with some British Invasion!

Delighting to the rapid changes of historic and colorful costumes, audiences will be thrilled with the performance of the 2018 Oscar-winning song, “Remember Me,” along with “Poco Loco” from the Disney film Coco.

About the groups:


Jarabe Mexicano takes audiences on a joyride through a culturally eclectic songbook of Mexican folk, rock & roll, Tex-Mex, Latin rock, and reggae-cumbia. Accompanied by traditional Mexican folk instruments and tempered by Latin-jazz percussion, Jarabe’s vocal harmonies sung in both Spanish and English have enchanted audiences across the country.


Since their inception in 2011, Ballet Folklórico de Los Ángeles has been featured at the Academy Awards and worked with some of the leading artists and companies in the industry, becoming the premier Mexican-American folk dance company in the nation.


Don’t miss these two powerhouse ensembles as they breathe new life into the music and dance of Mexico and beyond! 

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