Circle of Jazz is an energetic ensemble, flexible in size and repertoire. Jazz bassist and arranger Doug Walker leads the band and tailors the music to fit any occasion. Originally from Sacramento, California, Walker has called San Diego home since 2001. He holds a Master of Music degree in Jazz Studies from San Diego State University, having studied under renowned bassists Gunnar Biggs and Bob Magnusson, as well as pianists and composers Rick Helzer and Richard Thompson. 

It’s all Jazz to me! Jazz is not a proper genre, but a concept and a vocabulary that may be applied to any genre of interest.

-Doug Walker

Walker is well known in the San Diego Jazz community and draws from a large circle of exceptional musicians to create inspired and authentic performances in any given Jazz style.

Doug Walker, Joey and Anthony did an excellent job last night. I got so many great compliments on the music program. The audience loved their varied selection of music. It was a beautiful concert with the setting sun coming through the blinds. I thought it was a wonderful moment in time to sit back and  enjoy such talented musicians. Please tell them how much we appreciated their performance. 

-Martha White

Music Chairman

Point Loma /Hervey Library